"WINCORP and AFFILIATES" is an association specializing in real estate and business developments and has developed over fifty million ($ 50,000,000) dollars of properties. "WINCORP" and "AFFILIATES" includes its present and former affiliates, partnerships, and assciates all of which are and/or were related. "WINCORP and AFFILIATES" has been involved in all phases of real estate and business development and operations including but not limited to the following construction development

1. Construction of single family houses to semi-high rise apartments.
2. Low-moderate income housing to market and luxury apartments.
3. Developed and/or operated single housing condominiums to multi-family condominiums.
4. Low cost land subdivision to high quality desirable lots ($7,500 to $150,000).
5 Multi-family housing to housing for the elderly. Single family house sales to condominium sales.
6. Federal and State subsidbed housing to conventional financed housing.
7. Scattered tenement rentals to student dormitories.
8. Remodeling single family houses and stores to multi-family and commercial projects.
9. Stick construction to component construction
10. Partner in a component manufacturing company.
11. Owning and operating hot dog stands to a Cape Cod resort restaurant to owning and operating the No.#1 night club operation in Southeastern Massachusetts to a first class restaurant.
12. Renting and managing in excess of one thousand (1,000) apartments.
13. Owning and/or developing eight (5) acres to eight hundred fifty (850) acres. 14. Complete and extensive remodeling of an old bank building that was vacant for twenty-six (26) years into mini-mall, offices, and restaurant complex.
15. Subdividing a twenty-three (23) acre exclusive estate into nine (9) private and luxurious mini-estates.
16. Converting an unsuccessfully twenty (20) unit motel into a successful operation.
17. Started. developed, operated and sold a state licensed small loan finance company.
18. Developed and constructed an automobile diagnostic and repair business. 19. Developed land for a new Burger Chef building and leased it out.
20. Owned and operated a secretarial service.
21. Owned and operated a commercial fishing vessel.
22. Developed an eighty (80) stall flea market operation.
23. Developed a twenty (20) lane bowling alley.
24. Developed a twenty-one (21) unit coodominium complex.
25. Prepared the groundwork and development of an assisted living complex.
26. Developing an eleven room bed and breakfast.
27. Robert L. Xifaras, the President of Wincorp. was written up in the largest newspaper in Southeastern Mass, as one of the handfull of power brokers in the area as well as an example of what an "entrepreneur" is. This was several years ago long before the word "entrepreneur" was even popular.